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Aperi is about 8 km (5 m) from Pigadia at the altitude of 300 m (985 ft). It is situated on the hills between Pigadia and Volada. It is made up of seven neighborhoods separated by a stream and joined by the stone bridge 'Gefiri' ( view below), which was built in 1929.

Aperi - 'Gefori' stone bridge built in 1929

Aperi was the capital of the island up to the year 1892. Today in Aperi the church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary (view below), which is celebrated on August 15th serves as the seat for the Archbishop for Karpathos and the nearby island of Kassos. The metropolis has its main offices in the town building next to the church.

Aperi - Church of the Virgin Mary

Aperi is presently inhabited by about 400 people. Its inhabitants were amongst the first on the island of Karpathos to immigrate to the USA in the early 1900’s to seek a better economic future. Their love for the island did not diminish though, despite the fact they were thousands of miles away on another continent. Proof of this is seen by the vast sums of money that were sent back to the island during their travels.

Aperi - high school built by Omonia in 1939

Philanthropic organizations such as Omonia formed by the Aperitans that were now based in the United States built the island’s only high school at the time (view above) in 1939. These organizations also built other beneficial structures for the island’s inhabitants. Above the village in an area called ‘Koraki’, lies the commanding hill of Kastro where the remains of medieval fortifications can be found.

From Aperi, secluded by steep cliffs the beautiful beach of Ahata is accessible by a narrow and now paved road. Other areas of interest in Aperi are the areas of Mertonas and Katodio. They are both located on the hillsides northeast of Aperi with natural artesian wells to irrigate the fruit trees and other vegetation of the areas. In Mertonas the monastery of the Virgin Mary called ‘Mertonitissa’ was built in the 12th century and is celebrated on August 23rd.

Aperi - Ahata beach

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